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Dr John P O'Connell has clinics every day at either the Cromwell Hospital, the Parkside hospital or the Childrens Trust.


He is also available for home visits which is why so many parents chose him as their paediatrician in London.




If you would rather go direct and you do not have a GP, or do not wish to be referred via your GP, Dr John P O'Connell can usually meet with you. 




Your GP can write, fax or telephone Dr John P O'Connell for their referral.  This is usually the best option and often required by insurance when seeing Dr John P. O'Connell as a private paediatrician in London.


Either way, please feel free call to make an appointment with Dr John P O'Connell.


Appointments: +44 7850 312 252



*Email will usually be fastest response

Clinic Times for John P O'Connell Paediatrician in London

CT : The Children's Trust 


CH: The Cromwell Hospital


PS: The Parkside Hospital

Paediatrician in London at Bupa Cromwell Hospital
Cromwell Hospital


The Bupa Cromwell Hospital is a private sector hospital located in the South Kensington area of London. The hospital was founded on 29 April 1981. 

Paediatrician in London at The Childrens Trust
The Childrens Trust


The Children's Trust runs a range of specialist care, education and therapy services for children and young people from across the UK, including the UK's largest rehabilitation centre for children with acquired brain injury (ABI).

Paediatrician in London at Parkside Hospital
Park Side Hospital


Parkside is a private hospital offering outpatient clinics in most medical specialties, working with over 200 of London's most experienced consultants and specialists.

Paediatrician in London at Harley Street
Harleystreet Paediatric Group


The Harley Street Clinic is one of the most prestigious and respected private hospitals in London. We attract some of the finest specialist consultants in cancer, cardiac and neurosciences from many of London's major teaching hospitals.

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